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The EWG recently concluded that over half of the 500 sunscreens they tried, didn't have the amount of protection promised or needed from the advertised SPF 30 and higher. What you need to know about your sunscreen and sunblock before heading out to the beach this summer?
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For those who choose to make their home more eco conscious, the bathroom is a great place to concentrate your energy to conserve water and reduce the use of toxic chemicals.
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One of the aspects of constructing a 'Green Home' is to pay particular attention to the fact that all materials used in its construction as well as beautification be natural. What qualities should you look for in an eco paint and what are the different types available?
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2 to 5 percent of what is thrown out as trash has not yet reached the end of its lifecycle and can be reused. Not only is reuse an eco-friendly choice, it is also a money saver. Here are some common household items that can be reused in unique ways.
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Keep your Garden Tools Clean

Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd shows you the simple and easy (and most efficient) way to clean your garden tools.

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  • Proposed “Shared Clean Energy” Program Would Allow New  York Renters to Go Solar for the First Time
    Advocates applaud Assembly Bill 9931 for expanding NYS clean energy investment, jobs, benefits The following press release was issued by Vote Solar: The New York Assembly Energy Committee today (June 4) passed a “Shared Clean Energy Bill” (A.9931), which would establish a new way for renters and other families, schools and businesses to go solar. The post Proposed “Shared Clean Energy” Program Would Allow New  York Renters to Go Solar for the First Time appeared first on Green Building Elements.
  • Climate Change at the Movies
    This is an interesting study concerning how people are influenced about real or entertaining issues on subject matter such as climate change. Since we have recently published articles specifically related to facts on climate change it has been interesting watching the number of deniers who penned their two-cents-worth, arguing that the debate on climate change is The post Climate Change at the Movies appeared first on Green Building Elements.


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  • How to clean a dishwasher
    Quite possibly the hardest-working appliance in your kitchen, the dishwasher seems positively magical: Load with dirty dishes from a dinner party, put in the dishwashing tablet, press the on button, and two hours later – presto! – your dishes...
  • What is straw bale gardening?
    Sarah Konradi was searching for an unusual approach to kickstart an interest in vegetable gardening for children in pre-kindergarten programs in Wake County in North Carolina when a friend suggested a novel idea: straw bale gardening.  ...

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